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College Rep Visits

Hundreds of colleges and universities from across the country send representatives to Peninsula High each year to talk to students about their programs and to answer questions.
Students from all grade levels are welcome to attend these sessions. Most visits are scheduled during a regular class period and students must obtain prior permission from their teacher to miss class in order to attend. 
Students who use their Naviance accounts to indicate colleges they are interested in will receive email notification when one of those colleges is planning a rep visit.
College Rep visits started on September 6. Below is a list of the currently scheduled visits - but be sure to check back regularly because we are constantly adding more!

University of Missouri Columbia

10/27/16      8:00 AM

University of Colorado at Boulder

10/27/16    11:20 AM

University of Maryland, College Park

10/27/16    12:54 PM

Occidental College

10/27/16      1:52 PM

Marymount California University

10/28/16      8:00 AM

American University

10/28/16      9:00 AM

Grinnell College

10/28/16    10:15 AM

Hamilton College - NY

10/28/16    11:20 AM

WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange) Lunch & Learn

10/28/16    12:13 PM

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

10/28/16    12:54 PM

University of New Mexico

10/28/16    12:54 PM

University of Puget Sound

11/1/16      11:20 AM

Reed College

11/1/16      12:54 PM

Pitzer College

11/2/16        9:00 AM

Gonzaga University

11/2/16      11:00 AM

The University of Iowa

11/4/16      10:20 AM

UCLA - Electrical Engineering

11/4/16      11:00 AM

Bryant University

11/4/16      11:15 AM

UCLA Electrical Engineering

11/4/16      11:45 AM