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Drama 1

Current Unit:
Intro to Broadway & Musical Theatre History, Episode 2, Syncopated City
Lip-Sync - Performances Tuesday, February 25 through Thursday, February 27
Tab - "10,000 Fists in the Air"
Athena - "It's Gonna Be Me"
Ava, Noelle, Emily - "Baby Mama"
Emily F- "Never Gonna Give You Up"
Dina - "Friend Like Me"
Katie and Kristin - " It's Every Night, Sis"
Christian - "Into the Unknown"
Mika, Brisa, Sara - "My Oh My"
Laura - "Down"
Linus - "The Walker"
Vincent - "Fortnite Anthem"
Mihir - "Fortnite Anthem 2"
Alex, Sofia & Nicolette - "I Want It That Way"
Catherine - "Must Have Been the Wind"
Previous Semester I Units/Activities
Getting to Know Each Other & Stage Comfort
     (Find Someone Who..., Embrace the Dragon, Tiger/Martian/Salesman)
Introduction Speeches - Beginning, September 10
Basic Theatre Terms
2-Person Scenes (Open)
Ancient and Greek Theatre
   Read Medea
2-Person Comedy Scenes
Intro to Broadway & Musical Theatre History
    Episode 1: Part 1Part 2;   Part 3  
Persuasive Speeches
Semester I Final
Group Musical Performances