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Welcome To Mrs. V's Classes

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First and most importantly - stay safe and healthy
I will be posting notes and assignments on this site and in Microsoft Teams. 
My office hours (email availability)  will be 10am-12pm weekdays.   Optional GeoHon team meetings will be 12-1pm weekdays and optional Alg2 Hon meetings will be 1:30-2:30 weekdays
Take care of yourselves everyone
Everyone, please submit HW to your Microsoft "Teams" account.  It is available thru your district login. 
HW will be due by 11:59pm 2 days AFTER it is assigned.  For example, if assigned Mon 4/6, it is due Wed 4/8 by 11:59pm.  
I'm attaching instructions and a couple of ways to use your phone to photograph and submit your HW.  You may have a different/better way.  Feel free to use it and/or share it with others. Remember to get parent/guardian permission to download apps. 
For HW submission, in Microsoft Teams I've made assignments by date, the HW is due 2 days after it's assigned by 11:59pm.  I think each of you can submit under "Assignment".  We'll get there. 
Per 0 submit HW to GeoH B per 0
Per 1 submit HW to GeoH B per 1
Per 2 submit HW to Alg 2H B per 2
Per 3 submit HW to Alg2H B per 3
Per 5 submit HW to GeoH B per 5
You can ask questions/comment/etc on the "Teams" platform.  Please be patient if I am unable to respond immediately, I will do so as soon as I can. 
Take care all