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Hello students,
From 3/13 to 3/27 I will hold daily online office hours from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M– I will regularly check my email during that time. Any emails received outside those hours will be answered the following work day. If you need to reach me, please send me an email at [email protected] 
I will contact all students via Aeries email and the Remind 101 app (if applicable). Please check all of your email accounts for updates. 
I hope to see you all soon!
Mr. Doctor


AP Music Theory Weekly Zoom meeting

Hey guys, I sent you an email with the zoom ID and password. Let me know if you didn't receive it. I'll see you tomorrow at 11 AM
Mr. Doctor


Hey guys, 
Here are some important updates for you. I sent this information in an email but it is summarized here. Please read through this entire email. 
I am happy to say we are now offering virtual tutorials as an option to fulfill one of two weekly class requirements. Our tutorial will always be offered on THURSDAY'S from 10am and ending at 1pm. If you are planning to take advantage of a virtual tutorial, you MUST pick a time and subject on a signup genius by TUESDAY of each week so I can arrange to have a tutor present for your session.
So, the following is what you will need to complete each week moving forward.    

Every week you will need to complete two things for AVID

#1––Every student must turn in a scan of your weekly agenda complete with assignments, quizzes, projects, tests, etc. THIS WILL ALWAYS BE DUE ON WEDNESDAY OF EVERY WEEK. The scan should be sent to my email address: [email protected]. To give you an example, it should look something like this:

* Be SURE your name and date is listed at the top of the page.

* The page should be titled "Agenda 4-13 to 4-17".

* List each of your classes by schedule order.

* Beneath each class, list all the assignments due this week.

* Next to each assignment, include its due date.


          1st - Chemistry H

               1. Answers to questions 3/13 - due Wed, 4/15

               2. Work log due - due Fri, 4/17

          2nd - Geometry

               1. P. 333 #3-17 odd - due Tue. 4/14

#2–– Lastly, every student must complete ONE of the following options.

* Attend a virtual tutorial and turn in a TRF for credit (grading for the TRF will be more relaxed since there won't be the typical collaboration).

* Turn in one focused note from an academic class.

* Complete a THOROUGH study guide for one of your classes that will help on a quiz or test.


I will provide the weekly signup genius link at the end of every week so you can sign up for the following week. If you choose to complete a focused note or a study guide, that will always be due on FRIDAY of each week. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Thanks guys, 

Mr. Doctor

AVID update

Greetings AVID students. I just wanted you to all be on the lookout for an email coming your way in the next 24 hours regarding our next steps. I had a meeting with all the AVID teachers and the tutors last Friday to discuss the possibility of offering you all a learning tool similar to our "tutorials" but obviously a little different. Our wonderful tutors have made themselves available to offer help via Zoom meetings so we are working through the details of that. Our AVID 10 class would have Zoom meeting opportunities on Thursday's from 10 am to 1 pm. The email I send will include more details so please look out for that! Thanks guys– I hope you are all well.

Mr. Doctor

Sight reading factory update

Hey guys! I just wanted to update you on my plans for using SRF. I've decided to have you guys complete three sight reading assignments each week. I think this is an excellent way to be able to assess your growth and to assign you a grade for the class. I'll post examples every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday that will be due the next following day. My first example will post on Tuesday of this week. Please stay up to date with these as they will start to count for a grade. I hope to schedule another Zoom meeting with you all soon! I'll be in touch in the next couple of days about that. Be well!
Mr. Doctor

AP Theory weekly Zoom meeting

Hey Everyone! Please be on the lookout for an email with the link to our weekly Tuesday meeting. It seems like Tuesday at 11 am has been working for the majority of us. Please send me an email if that time conflicts with another class. Thanks! 

Choir zoom meeting's tomorrow

Hey guys!
Please check your email for a Zoom meeting invitation. If you didn't receive the email I most likely don't have your correct address– or it is in your spam folder. If you don't see it, please send me a quick email with your correct account and I'll forward you the invitation.
See you soon,
Mr. Doctor

AP Music Theory Zoom Meeting 4/7/20

Hey guys,
Please check your emails for an invitation to our planned Zoom meeting tomorrow, 4/7. I'll see you soon!

Mr. Doctor

AP Music theory zoom meeting recap

Hey there, great to see your faces. As a recap, please complete ALL the problems in your Theory Essential workbook for chapters 14-16. This will be due on Wednesday, April 8th by 5pm. I am flexible with submissions for this work. Feel free to scan and turn the pages into a PDF and then email it to me. If you need to use a different system, please communicate that with me. 
Also, please log in to your AP college board page and access our classroom. I unlocked an assessment from unit 5. I believe there were 48 questions on it. I would like for you to start that and get it done by this Friday, March 27th by 5 pm. 
I plan to schedule another zoom meeting before your homework is due on April 8th. This way we can go over any questions you have. I am thinking we will schedule that meeting for Tuesday, April 7th– please continue to check your emails and our class website for details. 
Be well!
Mr. Doctor

AP Music Theory Zoom meeting update

Hey Guys!
I need to push back our planned meeting for 10:30am this morning (Tuesday, March 24th). I don't have everyone's email yet... I would really like to have everyone at this first meeting. I think we will be ready to go by tomorrow– so lets move it to Wednesday, March 25th at 11:00 am. I don't plan on taking a lot of your time, let's plan about 20 minutes. See you soon!
Mr. Doctor