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While school is closed I will be on my computer checking and answering email from 9-11 am so you can get immediate feedback. I may also check in during the evening as time permits. I will post assignments here. Submit your assignments on Please contact me with any issues ASAP. I will update grades weekly.


Common Teacher Letter of Recommendation (0 remaining)

I will do 30 recommendations. Follow instructions. You do not need to provide a transcript. I can access it on Aeries. Send all the documents via email over summer or give them to me in the fall. I will confirm that I have received them. I will update this posting with the number of completed recommendation requests I have received. Don't forget to invite me to submit to Common App and others in the fall.
***If you have been caught plagiarizing or cheating, were often absent on test days, or didn't turn in assignments after lockdown you should ask someone else.
30 completed recommendation requests

American Justice Mark David Chapman Extra Credit

Write a 1/2 to 1 page reflection on this video. Attach it to your Catcher essay and submit to This will add 10 points to your essay.

A Separate Peace comments

I left comments on your study questions. Please review them. Many of you missed the last question. Review this in the book. You need to understand why Finny fell in order to write the essay at the end. Look up "jounce".

Submitting Assignments

Please submit assignments to I grade there and leave comments on writing assignments. Do not email me assignments unless I ask you to.
If you have any problems submitting please email me and specifically describe the problem. Don't just say "It doesn't work." I will do my best to help fix any problems. Please keep it simple--submit in word or pdf. I want everyone to receive full credit.
Thank you,
Mr. M.

JUNIORS Please Read!

1. The Just Mercy essay will be due on May 15. On your works cited page please indicate if the version you used was a physical book or a pdf, etc. If anyone has trouble finding a copy please let me know.
2. Anyone who registered a fake name on Lincoln, etc.--try to log in and change to your name. Some of you won't get credit otherwise. I am grading on the site and names need to match. The site allows me to leave comments on your writing. If you have trouble doing this let me know ASAP. 
3. My daughter and I had a blast reading your Wallace style poems. I am sure WCW would approve. Thanks to all for having fun with it. 
4. WYG homework--Make sure you are doing reflections also.

Hold Your Head Up

Though the days ahead may seem difficult, we will get through this.
I am inspired by my grandparents who lived through the Great Depression and World War 2. Their generation is chronicled in Tom Brokaw's book The Greatest Generation. My great-grandparents survived the Spanish Flu pandemic and World War 1. I remember all of them as resilient and compassionate people.
Do your best to keep up with your classwork. Don't worry if it is a day or two late. Please email me with any questions or concerns or just to say "Hi". I look forward to seeing you all again.


I will be posting assignments here.
We will not be doing all the assignments on the March calendar, and those we do may be modified a bit because we are not meeting as a class. 
Please take care of yourselves!