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AP Exams

PVPHS is planning on administering the 2021 AP exams following the schedule below. Exams listed in red are in-person, on campus, pencil and paper exams. Exams listed in black will be taken online at home. Students will need to check into their exam 45 minutes before the exam times shown.
  • Please see the calendar above for scheduled in-person exams (red).
  • All Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Env Sci, and Physics exams will be held at Rancho Del Mar High School located at 38 Crest Rd W, Rolling Hills, 90274. There is plenty of on-site parking available.
  • All World Language exams and the Music Theory exam will be held on the Peninsula High campus
  • Students with morning exams must report to their testing sites by 7:30am and will be excused from 0 period through 4th period.
  • Students with afternoon exams must report to their testing sites by 11:30am and will be excused from 4th period through 6th period.
  • What to bring to your in-person exam:
    1. Current PVPHS id card
    2. Several #2 pencils with erasers - NO mechanical pencils allowed
    3. Several blue or black ink pens
    4. Calculator if allowed for your exam - see the AP Calculator Policy
    5. Snack and drink in a clear plastic bag
    6. World Language students should bring their own headphones WITH MICROPHONE. Headphones must plug into a headphone jack. Wireless headphones will not work (so no airpods!)
  • What NOT to bring to your in-person exam
    1. Cell phones are absolutely not allowed 
    2. Highlighters and white-out
    3. Any watch or other electronic device that can access wifi
    4. Class notes or study materials
    5. Purses or wallets
    6. Lunch bags or pencil cases or any other bag that is not see-through
    7. Water bottles that are not clear
Students taking In-Person exams came to a Pre-Admin meeting on Wednesday. April 21. Here are the slides from that presentation:
AP Students who are taking one or more digital, at-home AP exams will need access to a laptop or desktop computer (Mac or Windows) OR a school-managed Chromebook. Students CAN NOT use their own Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, or cell phones to take the AP exams. Computers must not be shared between students after exam setup is completed.

Note: The older model PVPHS Chromebooks will not work. Only the newer models that use Type-C charging cords and have the PVPUSD logo etched on them can receive the AP exams app.

AP Students who are taking one or more digital, at-home AP and would like to borrow a Chromebook from school must complete THIS FORM
  • Equipment required for at-home digital testing:
    • Exams can be taken on laptop and desktop computers. Only Windows and Mac computers, and school-managed Chromebooks may be used for testing.
      • The computer must be plugged into a power source
      • Cell phones and tablets cannot be used for testing this year.
      • Chromebooks cannot be used for testing unless they belong to PVPHS
      • Students who do not have access to a laptop or desktop computer can request to borrow a Chromebook from school. 
    • Reliable internet connection
  • The 2021 AP Digital Testing App required for all digital, at-home exams is now available. Download the app HERE.
  • Students taking digital AP Exams must install the AP Digital Testing App on their testing computer at home
  • Log into the app with your College Board username and password
  • Digital practice is available for all digital exam subjects. Practicing with example questions in the digital testing app is the best way for students to prepare for digital exams. Students can:
    • Try each type of multiple-choice and/or free-response question they’ll encounter on exam day.
    • Preview the flow of the exam and practice using the tools and features in the app.
    • Confirm that their technology works as expected, including any assistive technology for approved accommodations.
    • Students will have access to two practice options:
      • Digital Practice: A longer option students can use to fully explore the digital testing application.
      • App Demo: A shorter option students can use to quickly confirm that the application is correctly installed, that questions display appropriately, and that they can enter answers.
    • All exams will be full length. Digital AP Exams will be as long as paper and pencil exams and test the same knowledge and skills. You won’t need to study or prepare differently to be successful on a digital exam.
    • Exams start at the same time worldwide. Digital exams start automatically at the same time worldwide, at 9am or 1 p.m. our time. The exam timing is controlled by the digital testing app, not by you, the AP coordinator, or a proctor.
    • You won’t be able to go back to questions. For security reasons, digital exams don’t allow you to move back to previous questions or review questions you’ve already answered. If you skip ahead, you won’t be able to go back.
    • You’ll need to complete a few simple steps before you can test. Before exam day, you need to download the digital testing app and complete exam setup (see above). We also recommend doing digital practice.
    • On exam day, you need to check in 30 minutes before the exam starts.
    • If you have a College Board-approved accommodation, it will apply to your digital exam. Some accommodations might work a bit differently on the digital exams than if you were taking a paper exam.
SENIORS - Please remember to indicate through your College Board account on My AP the college, university, or scholarship program you would like to receive your free score report. Students indicate this information only through My AP. The deadline to indicate or change the free score report recipient through My AP is June 20, 2021.
PVPHS students can only take AP exams at PVPHS for courses that they are currently enrolled in at PVPHS. Exception: Students who take AP Econ or AP Gov as semester classes in the fall should take the AP exam in the spring. We cannot accommodate testing for students enrolled at other schools.
Questions or concerns? Please talk to your AP teacher or contact AP Coordinators Katie Clovis (  or Susan Breitenstein (
Students who are scheduled for an in person, on campus exam
(see exams listed in RED in the schedule above),
but would prefer to take the exam online at home, must complete
the AP EXAM SWITCH TO DIGITAL REQUEST FORM  to switch to the digital exam.
(Music Theory and all World Language exams do NOT have a digital test option)
Deadline to submit request is April 23, 2021
Students who have left PVPHS, dropped an AP class or wish to cancel their exam registration for any reason,
must complete the AP EXAM REFUND REQUEST FORM in order to get their exam fee returned.
Deadline to submit refund request is April 16, 2021