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AP Exams

AP Exams - May 1 - May 12, 2023
Please see exam schedule below
  • Students with morning exams must report to the Gym by 7:30am and will be excused from their 0 period through 4th period classes. (Periods 0 through 3 on Wednesdays).
  • Students with afternoon exams must report to the Gym by 11:30am and will be excused from their 3rd period through 6th period classes. (Periods 2 through 6 on Wednesdays).
  • What to bring to your exam
    • Current PVPHS id card
    • Several #2 pencils with erasers - NO mechanical pencils allowed
    • Several blue or black ink pens
    • Calculator if allowed for your exam - see the AP Calculator Policy
    • Snack and drink in a clear plastic bag
    • A calculator if your exam allows it - see list below
    • All Physics students may bring a straightedge (or use their ID card as one!)
    • French and Spanish students should bring their own headphones WITH MICROPHONE. Headphones must plug into a headphone jack. Wireless headphones will not work (so no airpods!). Headphones will be provided to students who need them.
  • What NOT to bring to your exam
    • Cell phones are absolutely not allowed
    • Highlighters and white-out
    • Any watch or other electronic device that can access WiFi in any way
    • Class notes or study materials
    • Purses or wallets Lunch bags or pencil cases or any other bag that is not see-through
    • Water bottles that are not clear
  • Plan for tests to take at least 45 minutes longer than the “official testing time" shown on the College Board website
  • Save your class notes until you get your AP scores!!
  • Pay attention to your sport’s game and playoff schedules, if a conflict arises email Mrs. Clovis or Mrs. Breitenstein right away
  • Students who have been approved for College Board accommodations – extra testing time, extra breaks, etc., will test at the same time and location as everyone else. You will follow the same check-in rules and protocol. Your exams will take longer, so think about bringing extra snacks and water. 
  • Exam Check In Process
    1. We will look at everything you brought with you – remember that pens/pencils/snack/etc. must be in CLEAR plastic bags!
    2. We will make sure your calculator is approved by College Board
    3. We will give you your AP ID Label Sheet
    4. We will scan your PVPHS ID card
    5. We will tell you which seat number to sit in
    6. You will proceed directly to the testing room and sit in your assigned seat
    7. You will sit quietly and complete the identification items on your Answer Sheet
  • The 2023 AP® Exam Terms and Conditions are available to review at This agreement details the rules and policies students must follow related to taking the 2023 AP Exams. Students will need to accept these terms and conditions prior to taking each exam.
  1. AP Examinations are scheduled for May 1-12, 2023. The tests are given in morning sessions (7:30 am – noon) and afternoon sessions (11:30am - 4:00 p.m.) and are currently planned to be in person, on campus. The 2023 AP Exam Schedule is attached below.
  2. The AP test fee for 2023 is $100.00 per test with the exception of AP Seminar which costs $150.
    • Students must pay by cash or check.
    • Checks should be made payable to "PVPHS AP"
    • Checks must have the student’s name on the memo line.
    • Students should turn in one check only to cover the total cost of all exams being taken
    • Please DO NOT staple your check to your form
  3. All payments must be accompanied by the completed 2023 PV Peninsula High AP Exam Registration Form distributed to students the week of October 10 and available under Panther Picks on the school website.
  4. Fees and forms will be collected in the Student Store October 24-28 during Panther Time and lunch ONLY.
  5. Students can only take AP exams at PVPHS for courses that they are currently enrolled in at PVPHS. Exception: Students who take AP Econ or AP Gov as semester classes in the fall should take the AP exam in the spring.
  6. Students wishing to apply for a fee reduction must contact Mrs. Shafer in the CCC by Thursday, Oct. 20. Her email is [email protected]
  7. Students who are entitled to testing accommodations in the classroom must contact Mrs. Clovis to apply through CollegeBoard for AP exam accommodations before the end of 1st semester.
  8. Students who turn in their payments after October 28 will be charged a $50.00 late fee per test. The absolute last date students may turn in their AP checks and forms is November 2 at 2:00 pm. Students will not be permitted to register to take AP exams at Peninsula High School after this date. All late forms and payments should be turned in to Mrs. Clovis in the Main Office. Exception: Students who take AP Gov or AP Econ as a spring semester only class will register for those exams in February 2023.
  9. Some students may require alternative testing dates due to conflicting activities. Students may be charged additional fees for makeup exams as dictated by College Board. Students should notify Mrs. Breitenstein by email as soon as possible about any test date conflicts.
  10. Students who drop a class will have their AP exam cancelled UNLESS they notify Ms. Clovis within 2 weeks of their class drop date that they still intend to take the exam. A partial refund is available but it is the student's responsibility to complete the refund request form.
  11. Prorated refunds may be issued to students who drop the class or leave PVPHS. The student or parent must contact Mrs. Clovis in the Main Office directly to request a refund no later than April 15, 2023.
  12. Students who leave PVPHS after signing up for AP Exams will not be allowed to test at PVPHS and are responsible for registering for the exam at their new school.
  13. Students will be excused from their Period 0 through 4 classes for morning AP exams, and from their Period 4 through 6 classes for afternoon exams. (Adjusted for Wednesday exams due to late start bell schedule)
  14. Students who do not show up to their AP test or arrive after testing has started will not be allowed to test and will forfeit their test fee.
Questions or concerns? Please talk to your AP teacher or contact AP Coordinators Katie Clovis ([email protected])  or Susan Breitenstein ([email protected])