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Summer Assignments

Many AP and Honors classes have assignments to be completed over the summer break. These are the assignments for  the Summer of 2024.
Algebra 2 Honors
Biology AP
Follow this link to our class on Khan Academy:
Complete Unit 1 Chemistry of Life by the end of August.

You must use the link above to be enrolled in my course and get credit for your work.

All AP Biology students must have completed one year of chemistry BEFORE taking AP Biology. This Unit will review some of the important concepts that you learned your Chemistry 1 course and combine them with the biology concepts that you learned in your Biology 1 course.
Calculus AB AP
Calculus BC AP
Review all pre-calculus honors material. There will be a test on the first Friday of the semester.
Chemistry AP
Chinese AP
Information for ALL Honors and AP English classes is here:
Environmental Science AP
European History AP
French Language AP
Japanese AP
Japanese AP class does not have any homework this summer. For those who want to study, though, Ms. Iwami shares resources and suggestions on this Teams: 2024 AP Japanese Summer | General | Microsoft Teams
Latin AP
NO summer assignment
Pre Calc Honors
Physics 1, 2 and C
Psychology AP
Spanish Language AP
Spanish Literature AP and Spanish 5
US History AP