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College Rep Visits - Students


In order to meet the college needs of our students and the health and well-being of students, staff and College Representatives, all Rep visits will occur in the College Career Center with Reps joining us virtually. These visits are for Juniors and Seniors only. Parents are not allowed to attend these events.


Rep Visits are scheduled during class time Monday through Friday, students MUST

  1. Register to attend on SchooLinks
  2. Get a signed permission slip from their teacher
  3. Turn in the signed permission slip to the CCC NO LATER than 24 hours before the event

Keep in mind that a students’ priority is to attend class and it is up to the teacher to determine if a student may miss class. If you are a Junior or Senior and not able to attend a Rep Visit, please contact Mrs. Arico.


Students must come to the CCC to attend the Rep Visit. No one will be allowed to join via ZOOM without special arrangements made with Mrs. Arico at least 24 hours prior to the event.


If you sign up for an event and find you cannot attend, CANCEL your attendance in advance via SchooLinks. SchooLinks provides reminders to you and that is your opportunity to verify it fits in your schedule. We are very fortunate to have so many schools that want to visit us so let's be appreciative of their time by showing up.


At this time we have a few evening Rep Visits in October. These schools are the most attended visits and to ensure the health and safety of our students, these events will be virtual. All participants will join these events via ZOOM from home. These events are intended for students and we ask that if parents are online with the student, be respectful and allow students only to engage in discussion. School rules are in effect during all CCC events and rep visits.


If students do not follow these guidelines they may not be permitted to attend future CCC virtual events.


A complete list of College Rep visits can be found on SchooLinks where students register for these events.



  1. Log on to your PVPUSD Student Portal
  2. Click on the 'SchooLinks' tile 
  3. From the home page click on 'School Events' for a complete list of College Rep Visits
  4. Click on 'Upcoming' on a particular event you want to attend
  5. Click on 'Register' - the event will be added to your Reminders





In order to attend any College Rep Visit during class time, you MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM to request teacher permission to miss class. The form must be signed by your teacher 48 hours prior to the event and turned in no later than 24 hours prior to the event. If you do not have a class scheduled, you MUST complete the teacher permission request form and turn it in (without a teacher signature) so the information can be verified prior to your arrival. NO STUDENTS WILL  BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND WITHOUT A SIGNED TEACHER PERMISSION SLIP.


In order to request permission you MUST:

1) Be a Junior or Senior 

2) Have registered for the event on SchooLinks

3) Make a separate request for each Rep Visit

4) If you have no class during a period, please note "no class scheduled" - this will be verified prior to the event


 If you do not have a teacher permission form your attendance will not be cleared. Please know that class time is the priority and if you are not able to make the event I will provide the reps information to you for follow up and they are always happy to communicate with you individually. 


All students must sign in when they attend the Rep Visit and attendance is taken at each visit based on teacher permission slips provided. Teachers and the Attendance office will be notified of your attendance by the end of the school day the rep visit is scheduled. If you don't attend a meeting you MUST be in class unless you are out ill.


* If you have a special circumstance and are not on campus to attend a Rep Visit due to COVID concerns, please contact Mrs. Arico at least 48 hours in advance to make special arrangements.