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11th Grade Counseling

11th Grade Counseling Services Overview

The junior year has a reputation for being one of the most challenging years of high school. In addition to a more rigorous course load, students dedicate a great deal of time to completing the SAT or ACT. As a result, it is very important to maintain a balanced and healthy schedule. As always, counselors are available to help students navigate this challenging year. Our counseling program helps students anticipate the college application process and develop their career interests.


If the PSAT is taken during the junior year it counts as the NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). This test is use by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation to qualify students for scholarships. If the student is a semi-finalist they will have to complete an additional application in the fall of their senior year. 

Junior Parent Informational Video

This informative presentation prepares parents and students for the college admissions process in senior year. This presentation covers important topics, including the overall landscape of higher education and the college application timeline. Graham Edwards, an experienced PVPHS counselor, has pre-recorded the video. It is very important for students and parents to watch the video to be informed about what is coming for Senior year. Please click the link below to watch the Junior Parent presentation.
Junior Lesson

"To excel in your chosen field and to find lasting satisfaction in doing so, you will need to understand your unique patterns. You will need to become an expert at finding, describing, applying, practicing, and refining you strengths" (Buckingham & Clifton, 2001). In our ever-changing economy, it is important to begin honing career skills throughout high school and college. The Junior Career lesson empowers students to discover their own skills, interests, and values. Students have the opportunity take Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences test and discuss how this can apply to selecting a college major.

Junior Individual Conference – February/March

Every junior meets individually with their counselor to review their 12th grade schedule, review A-G requirements, and make sure they will meet all graduation requirements. Students then attend a Naviance workshop with our College Career Center (CCC) staff who show them how to conduct a college search, create a college list, and explore other features of the program.

Junior Group Conference – May

In May the counselors meet with all junior students in the classroom to discuss how to best prepare for the college application process. Counselors typically discuss how to put together a list of schools, how to anticipate writing personal statements, how to remain organized, and how to request a counselor letter of recommendation. The goal is to help students reduce stress in the fall by providing tips and telling them what to expect.