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ComedySportz HSL

2023-2024 Captains - Ben Leet & Armon Riaz
What is Comedy Sportz?
The ComedySportz High School League® is the largest, most successful improv training program for high school students in the country. The High School League® empowers students to create their own theatre and nourishes their communication skills through improvisational theatre workshops and performances. It encourages their individuality and provides the forum to succeed or fail in a safe environment that combines showmanship and sportsmanship. The League provides an extracurricular activity that goes beyond stage work into everyday situations. And the students just think they’re having fun!

ComedySportz Los Angeles has established varsity teams in schools across five counties in Southern California, where “winning” is the least important part of the game. The High School League is low-cost, terrific theatrical training and a great way to fundraise.
Who Should Join Comedy Sportz HSL?
Seriously. The Comedy Sportz HSL improv training is great for:
- Developing self-confidence
- Learning about character development
- Improving your public speaking
- Becoming a better performer
COMEDY SPORTZ High School League 
2023-2024 tryouts will be on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 at 330pm. Meet in the Courtyard outside the PAC. 
WHO? Any student currently enrolled at PVPHS may audition for the Comedy Sportz HSL team.
WHAT? There is nothing to prepare. All you need to do is show up to the PAC at 330 on September 8 
HOW? The team managers will lead everyone in a warmup and go over team expectations. Then, students will be brought in in small groups for an improv based audition. They will provide a prompt, and you will show us what you've got. 
Practices are on Wednesdays, from 630-8pm in the PAC
Gamecon all players are expected to attend GameCon, an all day league-wide day of orientation and workshops run by Comedy Sportz Los Angeles. GameCon1 is on October 7. All players are invited to participate in GameCon2 on February 3, 2024 at Fullerton Union HS
Players on the team are expected to attend practices regularly if they intend to participate in matches. ALL new players must attend a GameCon before they are permitted to perform in any matches. 


December 22 at 7pm in the PAC
2023-2024 Home Match Dates
(all home matches are in the PAC at 7pm)
November 15 - vs FACULTY
December 22 - vs ALUMNI
January 25 - vs Mira Costa HS
February 14
March 28
April 25
May 31
Expectations & Requirements for all Comedy Sportz HSL Players
Team Dues: $20 (due date, October 1)
Practices are held weekly, on Wednesdays from 630-8pm in the PAC. If you wish to remain a member of our team and be chosen to play in matches, you are expected to have good attendance at practices and carry yourself in a mature and respectful way. This means working with all of your teammates, listening to captains and coaches and treating all members and teammates with respect.