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Thespian Troupe 920

2018-2019 Thespian Board
President - Bea Albino
Vice President - Liam Goodin
Secretary - Gigi Moreno
Treasurer - Emma Cool
Historian - Sarah Snow
Clerk - Elizabeth Ozawa
Information Meeting - Wednesday, September 19 at Lunch 
New members must meet the following criteria:
- Enrollment in at least 3 semesters of high school Theatre Arts courses.
- Earn at least 10 Thespian points from at least two different point categories (see the Official Point System and Point Rules)
- Fill out your Point Tracking Form
Please see our Troupe 920 Constitution for induction requirement details.
All Point Tracking forms are due by OCTOBER 1 to Mr Cohen if you wish to be considered for the November 8 induction ceremony. 
Congratulations to all of the 2017-18 inductees!
Natalia Achatz, Emma Cool, Greta Cox, Rachel Edelstein, Ley'ah McClain-Perez, Angelica Moreno, Ava Musick, Maddie Ness, Tess Rivera, Sarah Snow, Sarah Vakil, and Hasti Zahedian
THESPIAN POINT OPPORTUNITY From Hickory Elementary in Torrance:
The Hickory Elementary book fair is the night of November 2nd, from 5:30 to 8:30. The storytelling event will be in the cafeteria at the same time. We are looking for High School drama students who are great at reading with expression to read to the kids while they sit in their pajamas and enjoy the great books! The theme of the evening is Enchanted Evening, so readers are welcome to choose books that fit with the theme, but I would prefer for them to choose books that were their favorites as children because they will enjoy it more. And if they're having fun, our kids will have fun, too!

Students may read on the stage, on the floor in front of the stage, or they may move about the room while they read, if space permits. We have one microphone, so I recommend that students read individually rather than working together in groups. but if they have other more creative ideas, I am open to them!

We don't know exactly how many readers we have right now, so it is hard for me to assign times, but if you have students who would prefer a specific one hour block, please let me know and I will do my best to make that happen.

How long students read and how many books we would like them to read all depends on how many students we get for the event. If we only get 6, we would love for each student to read for approximately 30 minutes, but we will greatly appreciate any volunteer time the students can give.

Thank you so much! I think this will be a really fun and memorable evening for your students as well as ours!

Lynn Collins
Interested? Let Mr. Cohen know, and please email Ms. Collins at
Troupe 920
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