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Thespian Troupe 920

Troupe 920

The International Thespian Society is the honors organization for high school theatre students, under the umbrella of the Educational Theatre Association. 
Learn more about the history of the Thespians, HERE.
Directed by Jacob Pascover
Next Induction: November 16, 2022 
New members must meet the following criteria:
- Enrollment in at least 3 semesters of high school Theatre Arts courses.
- Earn at least 10 Thespian points from at least two different point categories (see the Official Point System and Point Rules)
- Fill out your Point Tracking Form and Membership Application
- Participation in at least 2 mainstage Peninsula Drama Productions
Please see our Troupe 920 Constitution for induction requirement details.
Point forms and Membership Applications due: TBA
Induction RSVP's due: TBA
- The ONLY Honors society for high school theatre students.
- The most exclusive honor society on the PVPHS campus
- Access to all of the resources provided to Thespians by the Educational Theatre Association, including conferences, workshops and scholarships
- The opportunity to participate in Thespian Only productions and podcast segments
Current and Past Thespian Board Members
2022-2023 Thespian Board
President - Alison King
Vice President - Jessica Doty
Secretary - TBD
Clerk - TBD
2021-2022 Thespian Board
President - Stella Cortese & Jacob Pascover
Vice President - Evalynn Castro
Secretary - Alison King
Clerk - Jessica Doty
2020-2021 Thespian Board
President - Tali Fortis & Kylie Young
Vice President - Brianna Yi
Clerk - Francesca Genato
Historian - Annelise Espinoza
2019-2020 Thespian Board
President - Emma Cool & Ley'ah McClain
Vice President - Sarah Snow
Secretary - Gigi Moreno
Clerk - Sarah Kay Adams
Historian - Francesca Genato
2018-2019 Thespian Board
President - Bea Albino
Vice President - Liam Goodin
Secretary - Gigi Moreno
Treasurer - Emma Cool
Historian - Sarah Snow
Clerk - Elizabeth Ozawa
Congratulations to all of the 2021-22 inductees!
Zaria Ackermann; Evalynn Castro; Cheyenne Grenda; Gabriella Hoffman; Maya Locano; Isabela Osorio; Soomin Sun; Erica Tsuei
Troupe 920
Enter your text here...Leadership is about empathy.
Each year members of our International Thespian Society Troupe award the Thespian of the Year honor to one of our 12th graders who upholds the ideals of the International Thespian Society, goes above and beyond expectations with their work and commitment to Peninsula Drama and is an outstanding representative of our program within the school community.
2020-2021 - Tali Fortis & Chesca Genato
Emma Cool, 2019-2020
2019-2020 - Emma Cool
Bea Albino, 2018-2019
2018-2019 - Beatrice Albino
Lauryn Williams, 2017-2018
2017-2018 - Lauryn Williams
Alyssa Condon, 2016-2017
2016-2017 - Alyssa Condon
2014-2015 - Emily Van Volkom
2011-2012 - Mike Stimpson
2009-2010 - Joey Spears