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Economics is here today and tommorrow.


Economics MICROSOFT TEAM udate!

All assignments now must be submitted on Microsoft Team page application for all my classes (except Period 0).
General questions can be done through the chat feature on Microsoft Teams.
For other general questions, please send it to my [email protected] email.
Go to Microsoft Team and find your Economics Period, all assignments must now be attached and sent through Microsoft Teams. 
This should cut down the confusion.  I will be using the Team page to post homework, quizzes or online class time. 
Make sure to check the status on a regular basis.

Unit 3 Chapter 8, 9 and 10 Homework Update!

Chapter 8, 9 and 10 Homework Assignments (Vocab and Assessments for all sections) due dates have been extended til Tuesday April 14, 2020.  Please email your completed work to:  [email protected] .
Stay safe everyone....
Mr. Aronson

Covid 19 Econ assignment change Unit 3 Chap 8-9

Do to the rapidly changing and uncertain calendar schedule dates, home work assignments have been altered.  Please email your completed Unit 3 Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 vocab and assessment assignments for all sections.  No notes need to be completed just vocab and assessment.  Each chapter is worth 15 points each, 10 for assessment and 5 for vocab.  Please email me at [email protected], include both Chapters 8 and 9 under title Unit 3 homework requirement file email.   No Unit 3 Test will be given.  Homework is due March 30 by 12 pm.
Stay safe,
Mr. Aronson