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Mathematics Department

Math Department Vision Statement
To empower students to problem solve, innovate, and communicate mathematically.
To emphasize number sense and mathematical critical thinking skills.
To develop students who continuously reflect on the meaning of mathematical concepts to understand the world around them.

Math Readiness Diagnostic Resources
All PVPHS students will complete a readiness diagnostic in both fall and spring of each school year. The diagnostic is for informational purposes only and will not affect a student’s grade. Students should give their best effort to obtain the most accurate and useful results. The purpose of the diagnostic in the fall is to provide information on a student’s readiness for their current course. In the spring, the purpose is to provide information on a student’s readiness for the course they intend to take the following school year.

In the fall and spring, your student will receive and bring home a report indicating their scores in each content area. To address any identified areas of improvement, the math department recommends that students use the resources below to strengthen their skills and ensure a solid mathematical foundation.

Please choose the course based on the below criteria:
  • Fall Semester – Currently enrolled in the course
  • Spring Semester – Intend to enroll in the course for the upcoming fall semester

  • It is the fall semester, and the student is enrolled in Algebra 2 Honors. The student should use the Algebra 2 resources.
  • It is the spring semester/summer, and the student is in Geometry/just completed Geometry and intends to take Algebra 2 in the fall. The student should use the Algebra 2 Resources.
Resource Links
Note: The resources apply to all levels for each course.