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Physical Education Department

Students are required to complete 4 semesters of Physical Education in order to graduate. The four semesters are to be completed during the freshman and sophomore years. In addition to our vast array of team sports and Dance/Choreo groups, students can also choose from general PE, Surfing, Strength and Fitness, Yoga, Marching Band, and intro Dance classes to complete their PE requirement.
PE Dance is an entry level class that explores various dance genres such as jazz, lyrical, ballet, hip hop and world dance. No experience is required. As this class does fulfill a Physical Education requirement, students also participate in standard fitness activities like running, swimming and strength training. Students who take PE Dance will be prepared to try out for higher levels of dance in the spring.
As part of this program of strength training and conditioning, students will have the opportunity to improve their level of fitness through a weight training program that includes a variety of activities and concepts related to muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and body composition. Students will access and monitor their level of fitness and set goals that will lead to lifelong wellness
PE Surf is a zero period class includes participation by surfing short board, long board, or boogie boarding. Surf class meets at Torrance Beach. On days when the surf is very small students will participate in beach runs and other physical training drills. Students are required to bring their own surf board or boogie board. Beginners to expert surfers are welcome.
PE yoga students learn to practice yoga in order to develop their strength, flexibility, endurance and overall mental and physical wellness. This course explores various components of yoga including: poses (asanas), fitness, mindfulness and general wellness activities such as nutrition. Throughout the course, students learn the benefits of multiple yoga poses, participate in weekly fitness and endurance activities, and take part in ongoing mindfulness and wellness activities. This class approaches yoga in a secular manner and does not seek to teach the spiritual principals related to yoga. No prior yoga experience is necessary.
Students focus on individual and team sports. Units include tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, softball, weight training, and more. Emphasis is placed on analysis of the physiological and mechanical principles involved in human movement to achieve personal fitness goals.