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Drama Banquet

Each May, our Department comes together for an evening of celebration where we honor the outstanding work done in all of our classes, through out productions and say goodbye to our graduating senior class. 
Drama Banquet 2023
May 23 at San Pedro Fish Market, Long Beach
Drama Banquet 2024 - May 21, 2024
View our Awards and winners below:
Awarded each year to two of our Leads from our productions.
2023 Nominees (winners in Bold)
Juliette Belke - Isabella (Measure for Measure) & Regina George (Mean Girls)
Jessica Doty - Damian Hubbard (Mean Girls)
Eddie Fermanian - Janis Sarkisian (Mean Girls)
Paul Kerker - Angelo (Measure for Measure)
Alison King - Duke Vincentio (Measure for Measure)
Ben Leet - Aaron Samuels (Mean Girls)
Chloe Sohngen - Cady Heron (Mean Girls)
Awarded each year to two of the Supporting Actors from our productions. 
2023 Nominees (winners in Bold)
Giovanna Bearman - Karen Smith (Mean Girls)
Jessica Doty - Lucio (Measure for Measure)
Ben Leet - Claudio (Measure for Measure)
Alison King - Ms. Norbury (Mean Girls)
Iris O'Connor - Escalus (Measure for Measure) & Gretchen Wieners (Mean Girls)
Armon Riaz - Kevin G (Mean Girls)
Awarded each year to two performers who are featured in our productions. 
2023 Nominees (winners in Bold)
Sophie Abe - Sophie K (Mean Girls)
James Callaghan - Mr Duvall (Mean Girls)
Siena Funiciello - Rachel Hamilton (Mean Girls)
Jonathan Herrmann - Martin Richmond (Mean Girls)
Paul Kerker - Shane Oman (Mean Girls)
Colt McGuire - Tyler Kimble (Mean Girls)
Delaney O'Connor - Caitlyn Caussin (Mean Girls)
Sophie O'Shea - Dawn Schweitzer (Mean Girls)
Bela Osorio - Lizzie Therman (Mean Girls)
Amanda Skaimura - Taylor Weddle (Mean Girls)
Chloe Sohngen - Provost (Measure for Measure)
Awarded each year to two strong characters from our productions. 
2023 Nominees (winners in Bold)
Tristan Bautista Norwood - Jason W (Mean Girls)
Anara Cook - Alyssa (Mean Girls)
Emily Feigle - Mrs. George (Mean Girls)
Melanie Flores - Mariana (Measure for Measure)
Holly Miller - Pompey (Mean Girls)
Bela Osorio - Mistress Overdone (Measure for Measure)
Erica Tsuei - Elbow (Measure for Measure) & Coach Carr (Mean Girls)
Awarded each year to two of the outstanding Cameo appearances from our productions.
2023 Nominees (winners in Bold)
Ellie Comess-Williams - Cornelius Westerveldt (Mean Girls)
Anara Cook - Froth (Measure for Measure)
Angela Hoffmann - Mrs Heron (Mean Girls)
Colt McGuire - Friar (Measure for Measure)
Isabella O'Hara - Terri Grille (Mean Girls)
Lynn Omari - Francisca (Measure for Measure) & Mr Buck (Mean Girls)
Dakota Pfliegger - Mr Heron (Mean Girls)
Armon Riaz - Barnardine (Measure for Measure)
Alexis Sedillo - Caroline Krafft (Mean Girls)
Caroline Shoff - Juliet (Measure for Measure)
Awarded each year to an outstanding ensemble group.
2023 Nominees (winners in Bold)
North Shore Marching Band (Mean Girls)
North Shore Debate Team (Mean Girls)
Marymount HS Mathletes (Mean Girls)
North Shore Faculty & Administration (Mean Girls)
North Shore Show Choir (Mean Girls)
The Plastics (Mean Girls)
North Shore Mathletes (Mean Girls)
North Shore Jocks (Mean Girls)
North Shore Dance Team (Mean Girls)
The Stoners (Mean Girls)
2023 Nominees (winners in Bold)
Juliette Belke (Regina) & Ben Leet (Aaron) - Mean Girls
James Callaghan (Mr Duvall) & Alison King (Ms. Norbury) - Mean Girls
Jessica Doty (Damian) & Eddie Fermanian (Janis) - Mean Girls
Melanie Flores (Mariana) & Paul Kerker (Angelo) - Measure for Measure
Ben Leet (Claudio) & Caroline Shoff (Juliet) - Measure for Measure
Ben Leet (Aaron) & Chloe Sohngen (Cady) - Mean Girls
Awarded each year to two members of the ensemble from each of our productions who performances stood out among their cast mates.
2023 Winners
Measure for Measure
Holly Miller - Pompey
Armon Riaz - Barnardine, Gentleman)
Mean Girls (tie)
Angela Hoffmann - Mrs Heron, Student
Jaden Mueller - William Smith, Fiona Buckton
Alexis Sedillo - Caroline Krafft, North Shore Jock
Elle Young - Christian Vailwood
Best Production Crew
Awarded to the Production Team that wow'ed audiences the most.
Mean Girls - Stage Managers: Alyna Han & Alicia Jeong
Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theater
Awarded each year to 12th graders who made notable contributions as Student Designers and Stage Managers
James Callaghan - Achievement in Lighting Design
Hannah Cheng - Achievement in Costume & Makeup Design
Alyna Han - Achievement in Stage Management
Alicia Jeong - Achievement in Stage Management
Voted by each class for outstanding performers from the individual class periods.
2023 Winners
Drama I Period 4 (tie)
Adrianna Izzo
Jaden Mueller
Elle Young
Drama I Advanced, Period 3 (tie)
Amanda Higuchi
Madison Ke
Alexis Sedillo
Henry Shim
Drama 2 (tie)
Giovanna Bearman
Koti Fanter
Armon Riaz
Drama 3/4 Advanced
Iris O'Connor
Chloe Sohngen
Members of the Drama I Advanced class, as voted on by the Members of Drama 3/4. Winners of this award are given the opportunity to host our Drama Banquet as 12th graders. 
2023 Winners
Alexis Sedillo
Elle Young