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ChemClub:  Students will be holding weekly lunch time chemistry tutoring sessions (Chem, Honors Chem, AP Chem)
  • President:  Jocelyn
(1) Ocean Bowl
  • President:  Kathleen V.
(2) Science Bowl
  • President:  Lori W,   Taureen Z
(3) Technology Student Association (TSA):  We are always in search of new incoming 9th graders to join our TSA organization.
If you are incoming 9th grader with very strong background in math and science, come by my classroom to get more info about our TSA organization.
  • TSA TEAMS Presidents: , Nathan K, Saehui H, Alisa H, Tim J, and Rei L.
                           Board Members: Jocelyn M, Alyssa C, Yuna K, Nicole L, Michelle Y, Tiffany Y, Jacob K, Ryan L
  • TSA Presidents:  Saehui H, Alisa H
                  Vice-Presidents:  , Jocelyn M, Robert P, and Sina M