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Welcome to AP Environmental Science.

Hello Environmental Science AP Students.
All information, announcements, assignments and resources will be on your AP Environmental Science Teams page.
You will receive an invitation to your AP Environmental Science Teams page through your District issued Office 365 email.
Please make sure you can access your District issued email.   +Thank You.
If you need help with Teams, here are a few helpful Links:
1. A Step-by-Step Guide to Log into Teams:
2. Teams: Getting Started:
3. Help Desk Link for Email information:
4. Troubleshooting Teams Meeting information:

Technology-related difficulties will surely arise for most of us at some point during our remote-learning & teaching period. Please be aware of the requests / protocols below. Thank You. 


 If you are unable to log into a meeting during your class period, please wait a few minutes and try again. Please send me an email at [email protected] if you are unable to log in (and you already have your email and password).

  If your Internet connection is down, preventing you (so you are unable to) from joining a given class meeting, please send an email to me (later in the day / when your internet connection allows) to let me know. If this happens three times, I will contact your parents/guardians (simply in an effort to make sure they are aware of any internet issue).

  If the school internet is down (I will be at school for class each day), or if there is a power outage, and we are unable to hold our class meeting, please use the time to work on homework that will have been posted at the start of the school week. You will not be marked absent if this is a school-related problem.

  Thank You for your great communication and engagement in the course, to include both the Science focus of our study in this class, and the Technology that we are at least partially reliant on in order to explore the Science together as a class. + Thank You. : )