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Welcome to Ceramics Fall 2021


**We ask all students to pay a $60.00 Material Cost. You can do that by going to the student store with cash or a check made out to PVPHS, or go to and under links click on Webstore, then under Departments click on Class Material Fees, then click on the blue CM for Ceramics Meade. There is a page here on the website for each level of Ceramics with more pertinent information on their specific course. 

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 I am a local product of the district having graduated from Vista Grande, Ridgecrest, and Rolling Hills High. I am teaching in the same classroom where I took my first ceramics class. 

I grew up in Rancho Palos Verdes, the ninth child of twelve. Seven of us graduated from Rolling Hills High School, the three oldest from P.V. High, one brother attended special education schools in Torrance and the youngest graduated from Peninsula High.  I was a student of David Bradbury’s, and replaced David who retired after more than thirty years of teaching ceramics at the high school.  Ceramics with David Bradbury was what kept me attending school and without it I might not have finished high school. I am currently in my 17th year teaching at Peninsula and entering my 14th season coaching with Peninsula’s wrestling program.

I graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1994 and came to the teaching profession after working for years doing project management and facilities maintenance for the University Student Cooperative Association in Berkeley.  My own ceramic work centers altering various pottery forms and finishing them in alternative firing processes. I try to maintain an effective balance between whole group and individualized instruction in the classroom.  I feel it is as important to model the creative process and work ethic for his students by working alongside them, there should be times when at first glance walking into the classroom one should not be able to tell the difference between the student and the teacher, but rather only view a lot of people working with clay.

I always travel in the summer and have visited many places in Latin America, including Guatemala, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Panama and Mexico. I spend my free time trying to breed small creatures to fight robots. I am extremely passionate about saving Earth from the imminent and eventual robot takeover that will occur in the coming years.