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Mr. Stiles Digital Photography Class Description

Everything needed for this class will be posted on our class website under Recent Assignments here:
Best of class galleries for each assignment are also posted there. Assignments will additionally be posted on Aeries and Teams. Please see my comments on your work in Aeries. Your grades are based mostly on the proven effort you give it. Meet your deadlines, late work will lower your grade by 10 points for each week it's late. Late work will not be accepted beyond 4 weeks from due date. Expect a new photo assignment every two weeks.

Photos will be turned in and uploaded here only: GOOGLE DRIVE
Course textbook link for open book quizzes is here: PHOTO COURSE Quizzes should be turned in on Teams Only as Word Documents! Some additional assignments will be taken on the School’s PLP Class: Introduction to Photography.

Students are expected to have their own digital cameras (12 mega-pixels minimum) with some manual controls (Aperture Priority & Shutter Speed Priority). See recommendations here:

Students will use School Provided Adobe Photoshop photo editing software along with other graphic design software programs to create digital portfolio projects and presentations.

Live class lessons on Teams will take place at the beginning of class. Don’t be late! Your computer camera needs to be on with your face showing at all times during lessons. Students receive 100 points for participation each semester, and lose those points for unexcused absences and breaking class rules. Students contact me primarily through Teams. Parents may email me here: [email protected]

Plagiarism Policy: You will receive a permanent 0 for any plagiarized work. Copying or allowing someone to copy work, sharing information regarding quiz content, taking someone else's photos and passing them on as one's own (plagiarism), is not permitted at any time.



 UPDATE: 3/20/20


  In your school email account click on the waffle square at the top left to find TEAMS.     Navigate to your Period, Level 1 or 2, and click on Class Notebook. In there click on arrow at top left to find Your Name in roster. Click on your Name and open box for Lighting Quiz! Please save your completed Quiz here as either a word doc or PDF for grading (it’s your private box).






In order to pass this class you must be a disciplined individual with an interest in being creative and a passion for learning. If you want to have a lot of fun while working to produce great photographs, this is the class for you.

Course Description: This course is designed to provide self-directed and advanced instruction and knowledge of opportunities in photography from traditional to digital. Students will use Adobe Photoshop editing software along with other graphic design software programs to create digital portfolio projects and presentations. Students are assigned a research paper covering a particular aspect of professional photography that relates or contrasts to the student’s own personal style. Students will study various professional photographers throughout world history, making connections to their own use of the camera. Both a professionally printed and digital portfolio will be printed using digital printers.

Additionally this class will also explore the many different aspects of Commercial Photography; from the business side of self promotion, billing jobs, making good contacts and putting together a good creative team, to a hands on look at producing and shooting an advertising layout, working with model agencies, make-up and hair stylists, and fashion stylists. Guest speakers from the industry may also be invited to work with the class.

Some classes will be spent shooting beginning models, as well as portrait subjects, including demonstrations on lighting for beauty, lighting for clothing, lighting for portraits, lighting for the body, lighting for various still life products, and lighting on location and with daylight. Students will also be given some access to professional studio strobe lights during specified class time.

Students are expected to have their own 35mm film or digital cameras (8 mega-pixels minimum) In addition students may need access to a computer outside of class time to complete assignments. Due to the limited number of computers some partnering and sharing will be necessary. All students will get equal time working on class computers with Photoshop each week working in teams. Those owning laptops with photo editing software should bring them each day. Initially, the student will work with some materials and equipment provided by the school. All students must have a 3 ring binder to take notes, pen, pencil, and a 9” x 12” portfolio, which can be purchased at your local art store. You may also for Extra Credit self publish your own photo book from, cost is $13 and up for your final, yours to keep of course!


Objectives: Acknowledge photography as an accepted fine art medium. Demonstrate knowledge of photographic techniques and materials. Learn to use the black and white darkroom and digital Photoshop techniques to produce a work of art and commercial photographs. Develop visual literacy. Create art and a portfolio of great photographs.





  1. It’s all about you – Questionnaire. 25 pts.
  2. Inspiration File Folder Project. 75 pts.
  3. Photo History Quiz. 100 pts.
  4. Inanimate Object - 10 Pics. 100 pts.
  5. Photo Vocabulary Review & Quiz. 100 pts.
  6. Lighting Demo, Reference, & Quiz. 100 pts.
  7. Theme Essay Project. 100 pts.
  8. Photoshop Basic Review & in class assignment. 50 pts.
  9. Advertising Lesson & Assignment. 100 pts.
  10. Textures & Shape. 100 pts.
  11. Line & Pattern. 100 pts.
  12. Daguerreotype Lesson & Assignment. 100 pts.
  13. Light Painting Lesson & Assignment. 100 pts.
  14. Scary Movie Poster. 100 pts.
  15. Pro Studio Tutorial & Test
  16. Montage lesson & Assignment
  17. Promo Card Assignment
  18. Pro Photo Reproduction
  19. Self Portrait Composite.
  20. David Hockney Type Photos.
  21. Puzzle / Mosaic Piece Project
  22. Final Folio – Printed in a photo album. 100 pts.



  1. Photoshop Planets. 100 pts.
  2. Day to Night Landscapes.
  3. Re-Animal Project.
  4. On Line & CD Lesson & Assignment. 100 pts.
  5. Bubbly Things Assignment. 100 pts.
  6. Camera Functions, Handout, & Review Test. 200 pts.
  7. Headshot & Portrait Assignment. 100 pts.
  8. Asymmetrical Makeover Assignment. 100 pts.
  9. Traditional Printing & Solar gram Assignment
  10. Pinhole Assignment
  11. Theme Essay Project Assignment - 2
  12. Zombie Project Assignment. 100 pts.
  13. Studio Still Life Project
  14. Motion Lesson & Assignment
  15. Photo Illustration Assignment
  16. Mimic & Inspired By Photo Assignment
  17. Photo Jobs Lesson
  18. Family Traits Lesson & Assignment
  19. Photo-merge Panoramic
  20. Final Folio – Printed in a photo album or Published Book


Extra Assignments – (Still to be developed in a lesson plan)

  1. Mirrored Image project
  1. Photographer Research Project
  2. Watermarking Photos Project.


  1. Lighting Reference & Demo Quiz
  2. Photography Vocabulary
  3. Photo History Quiz
  4. Pro Studio Lights Tutorial & Test
  5. Camera Functions Test
  6. Studio Still Life / Product Lesson & test
  7. Camera Obscura in Classroom + The Giant Camera Obscura Lesson


Class Rules. Breaking these rules will reduce your grade in points.


1. Arrive at class on time & be in YOUR seat when bell rings.

2. Absolutely NO food in class, any food will be taken & returned after class.
And NO drinks near any computers or on the same counter or will they will be taken!

3. If you accidentally damage equipment, you will notify the teacher immediately.
You will not change any computer settings, or screen saver or try fixing it, or go into the control panel, or mess with other students work!  All of your actions on these computers are monitored in the computer memory with date & time, so I will know. If you or your computer partner purposely breaks any of these rules you will both loss 25 points in participation, unless it can be proved to be only one of you.

4. Be in your seat before next period, Attendance will be taken beginning & end of       class. Not being present for 2nd roll call will result in a cut.

5. Bring your Notebook & Camera (& laptop computer if available) everyday.

6. No talking while I’m teaching/lecturing, 2 Warnings = 1  Referral , PLUS DEDUCTION OF 20 POINTS FROM PARTICIPATION POINTS. No surfing the internet with the exception of school related work. 20 POINT DEDUCTION FROM PARTICIPATION POINTS FOR EACH VIOLATION.

7. You will be courteous to your instructor and fellow classmates.

8. You must sign in & out on a timesheet to use the restroom or to take photos outside!

9. Meet your deadlines, late work will lower your grade by 10 Points each week it’s late. Late work will not be accepted after 4 weeks from due date.

10. Cell phones & headphones/ Ipods are not permitted during lectures or presentations. – 10 pts. Each occurrence.

11. You will only use the internet for researching a school photo project when I unblock it. This means no game playing at all! Breaking this rule cost you 20 Participation Pts.

13. You will need to purchase a 1GB Flash drive ($10) & own a camera.

14. 4 Point & Shoot Cameras, & 10 Digital Pro Cameras are available for in class use.

15. Extra credit assignments may be given by the teacher's discretion depending on your academic standing and participation in class.

16. Smile and be positive!!! No one likes a bad attitude.


Photoshop’s:  Look in the phonebook for photographic equipment/supplies- retail. Find a store that is close to you! These local shops might come in handy if you ever need something more!
Paul’s Photo inc.
23845 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA - (310) 375-7014
Silvio’s Photo Works
22409 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA - (310) 791-7100
NixPix Processing
23024 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA - (310) 325-3930

B And H Photo online is the best value for camera equipment orders:

Grades: The grading criteria are as follows: mastery of the media and its techniques, overall craftsmanship, quality of both the composition and personal expression, use of the elements and principles of design, ability to critique one’s own work and that of others, and growth in one’s capacities.
A=90-100%; B=80-89%; C=70-79%; D=60-69%; F=0-59%

1. Class participation 2.Projects 3.Quizzes 4. Portfolio

1 = 15% of grade,  2. = 60% of grade, 3. = 15% of grade, 4. = 10% of grade.



(Note: You are automatically given 15% of your grade in Class Participation and can lose these points for breaking rules, sleeping in class, cutting, or simply not participating; you may regain these points or get extra credit points by proving to help your classmates and teacher)