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Palos Verdes Peninsula High School is a New American and Blue Ribbon high school located south of Los Angeles on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, near the Southern California coastline. Peninsula High can attribute much of its success to its fine teaching and administrative staff as well as its 2500 students. Together, they make up the Panther Family.
Our Mission Statement

To inspire and educate all students as they pursue their full potential within a vibrant, compassionate, and diverse learning community

Our Vision Statement

The Peninsula High community envisions its graduates as successful lifelong learners in a rapidly changing global environment. The depth and breadth of the curricular and co-curricular programs will produce students who achieve their highest academic, career, and personal potentials, while developing positive self-images in a safe, secure, tolerant and esthetic environment.

Our School Goals

The Peninsula High community has created five goals entitled the School Wide Learner Outcomes (SLOs) to help accomplish their vision.
  • Students will be productive learners who will meet or exceed district graduation standards, set, pursue and accomplish realistic and challenging goals, develop and utilize study and research technology skills, and appreciate artistic development and expression.
  • Students will be responsible, self-directed individuals who accept individual and group responsibilities, exhibit self-motivation and self-discipline, demonstrate how to budget money and handle finances, develop vocational knowledge and skills, develop and adhere to healthy behavioral standards.
  • Students will be competent communicators who listen to and comprehend information, speak confidently, clearly and appropriately to diverse audiences, read, comprehend and respond to information, write clearly and properly, and work collaboratively while respecting the diversity and talents of others.
  • Students will be complex thinkers who apply problem solving processes to real life scenarios, use logical decision making processes, formulate solutions based on justifiable rationale, transfer learned skills throughout the curriculum, and analyze, evaluate and integrate information.
  • Students will be contributing citizens who appreciate and respect the environment, respect a multicultural community, understand the value of community service, and actively participate in the democratic process.

Peninsula High School believes that all students can succeed regardless of their race, background or ability and that school staff shall embody this philosophy in all district programs and activities. The district further believes:
Goal #1: 
Create a culture of improvement through purposeful innovation and adherence to best practices. Implement efficient and consistent professional development for all employees utilizing traditional and creative methods.

Goal #2:
Maximize the potential of all students by recognizing their individual strengths and talents. Create an academic program for students to best prepare for post-secondary education and careers.
Goal #3:
Systematically assess the strength of our programs using internal and external measurements.

Goal #4:
Promote safe, healthy and affective environments for students, emphasizing social and emotional well-being, kindness, digital citizenship, and honesty.

Goal #5:
Utilize multi-year financial plans to guide and influence decisions.

Goal #6:
Enhance communication and collaboration between and among District staff, students, parents, Board of Education and community.

Goal #7:
Produce fiscally responsible long term strategic plans to enhance facilities, technology, and support services.

Goal #8:
Attract and retain students and families to the District.