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Course Selection 2023-24

For current PVPHS students, course scheduling is a two-part process. Current Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors must enter their Course Requests online through Aeries by February 10, 2023 AND complete and return their Scheduling Worksheet to the Counseling office by February 14, 2023 or before.
For current 8th graders coming to PVPHS from DLA, RIS, MIS, or PVIS in the fall:
Our counselors will travel to the intermediate schools for an orientation presentation March 20 (DLA), March 21 (at RIS), March 22 (at MIS), and March 23 (at PVIS). Each student will then need to log into their Aeries student portal account between March 27 and April 9, 2023 and enter their course requests. Our counselors will then return to the intermediate schools April 10-13, 2023 to finalize the student course selections. Current 8th graders should view this page on our website for details about the scheduling process and timeline for incoming freshmen.
Scheduling for incoming students from private schools and out of district schools is scheduled for April 19 & May 10, 2023.
Complete the grade-specific Scheduling Worksheet (below) for the grade you are entering This form must be completed, signed by student and parent, and turned in to the Counselor Office by Thursday, February 14, 2023 for current 9th, 10th and 11th graders and during the scheduling meeting for current 8th graders and all out-of-district students. A Request for Placement Form is only required for classes for which  the student does not meet the pre-requisites (as defined in the Course Description Handbook).
Aeries Portal - Students must log in to their STUDENT Aeries account in order to select courses. The portal will be open January 23, 2023 through February 10, 2023 for course selection for current 9th, 10th and 11th graders; and March 28, 2023 through April 10, 2023 for incoming PVPUSD freshmen.
Some courses have already been added to the student's Aeries Portal. When you log into your student portal, you will see course selections for Mathematics, English, and/or World Language locked in your course requests. The locked classes indicate the next course in sequence for these departments based on the pre-requisites in the Course Description Handbook. Using the pre-requisites for the next course in sequence is the best predictor of success. These recommendations cannot be removed by the student. You may select a different course than that which was recommended to you, but if you do not meet the prerequisite (review Course Description Handbook to determine pre-requisites) then you must submit a Request for Placement Form. Please be advised that, per Board policy, level changes are based on space availability. 
CAUTION: There are different course numbers if you want to take one of the blocks versus taking the same courses separately:
Grade 9
Non-block courses
English 1 Honors: course # 11121
World History Honors: course # 14172

World History Honors/English 1 Honors BLOCK
English 1 Honors/World History Honors: course # 11122
World History Honors/English 1 Honors: course # 14174
Grade 10
Non-block courses
English 2 Honors: course # 11123
AP European History: course # 14236

AP European History/English 2 Honors BLOCK
English 2 Honors/AP European History: course # 11237
AP European History/English 2 Honors: course # 14235

Grade 12
Non-block courses
AP Economics: course # 14212
AP American Government: course # 14227

AP Economics/American Government BLOCK
AP Economics: course # 14213
AP American Government: course # 14228
The scheduling window for current freshmen, sophomores and juniors to select courses for the 2023-2024 school year opens Monday, January 23, 2023 and closes Friday, February 10, 2023. For incoming freshmen from PVPUSD schools the Aeries window will be open March 28, 2023 through April 10, 2023. Students coming to PVPHS from outside PVPUSD will schedule on campus April 22 & 24, 2023.

Students will be scheduling through their student Aeries portal. Students who are unable to access their Aeries Portal should send email to Registrar Daniel Cordova [email protected] with their full name, birth date, grade, and email address.   

Current PVPHS students must complete their Course Selection Form and any required REQUEST FOR PLACEMENT FORMS  (all signed by student and parent) and return them to the Counseling Office no later than Tuesday, February 10, 2023. Incoming PVPUSD freshmen will return their forms when they meet with their counselors on April 11 (DLA), April 12 (at RIS), April 13 (MIS), or April 14 (at PVIS).

Scheduling for incoming students from private schools and out of district schools is set for April 5 & 7, 2023 on campus. These students must have already completed the enrollment process with our registrar Daniel Cordova (more information on enrolling can be found HERE).
Next course in sequence is the best predictor of success.  If students register for a course which is not the next course in sequence or for which they do not meet the prerequisites, they must complete a REQUEST FOR PLACEMENT FORM form.
Please be advised, although we encourage our students to try Honors and AP classes, the availability of level changes is never guaranteed.  Therefore, it is essential that students select courses wisely and not assume that they will be able to drop down from an Honors or AP class. Per Board policy, level changes are based on space availability.
Counselors will meet with students to review their course selections on the following dates:
Juniors - February 21 through March 3 during English class
Sophomores - February and March during individual Sophomore Counseling appointments
Freshman - March 6 through March 17 during English class
Once counselors have met with and verified all student course requests, parents will receive a letter with their child’s final course selections for 2023-2024. Prior to May 19, 2023 any student wishing to make a change to the courses selected must complete a Request to Change Course form from the Counseling Office. This must be signed by a parent and returned to the student's counselor. During the summer, requests to change a course due to a graduation requirement or summer school issue must be submitted via email to Dr. Jennifer Panagos, Associate Principal at [email protected]. All other course request changes must wait until after registration in August.
If you indicated in your counselor’s course selection form (see above) that you are planning to take Summer School, please complete the Out-of-District Application below. These forms are due to be returned to counselors by May 26, 2023.