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Principal's Update


October 14, 2018
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The following is another in a series of video messages from Principal Kuykendall 
The Annual Skechers Walk is Sunday, October 28th. The registration fee is $30/walker (It is the number of walkers that counts, not the amount donated, so feel free to change the suggested amount of $50 to $30). What goes to PEF? Skechers gives back the entire $30 registration fee PLUS a calculated amount of the sponsorship money based on how many participants we have. Last year, 4,000 PVPUSD walkers generated $240,000 for PVPUSD! WOW!

Yes, you can register your entire family AND your dog. Any "thing" (person, animal) can register. No need for additional email addresses if you are registering in the same family. You don't even have to show up on 10/28 (although we'd love to have you!) -- you can sign up to walk virtually and stay in your pajamas and think about all the good you've done!

Then click on "Join Team" in the upper right corner and fill out the form as a new or a returning participant. (Note that the amount listed is $50, but feel free to change it to $30, which is the minimum) Make sure that you identify Palos Verdes Peninsula Education Foundation as the one organization you support. Thank you for your support!
Associate Principal, Michael Wanmer, did an excellent job organizing the disaster drill this past Thursday. Peninsula High takes emergency preparedness seriously and cares deeply about the safety of everyone on campus.

Students evacuate to the football field
Specially trained staff members are organized into several search 
and rescue teams which search every room on campus

Teacher Ben Smith provides first aid to an "injured" student

Counseling office staff run the Student Release Center near the Fieldhouse. This is where parents will come to pick up their children during an actual emergency.

Thank you to the PTSA volunteers who observed our evacuation drill 
and provided us with valuable feedback

The AVID Pancake breakfast is this Saturday, October 20 from 9 am to 11 am in the covered lunch area on campus. Our AVID teachers - Dr. Coleman, Mr. Engle, Mr. Doctor, and Mr. Spalding - will be cooking up a tasty breakfast at this fun community builder and fundraiser. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased from Dr. Coleman (H15), Mr. Engle (H41), Mr. Doctor (S33), Mr. Spalding (H44) or at the breakfast on Saturday.  You can also email Mr. Spalding with your ticket requests: All are welcome to attend. Come out and support the Peninsula High AVID program!!

Election ballots for the PVPHS English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) are available in the Main Office, as well as the Counseling and Hawthorne Offices and Room P105 through October 17. All PVPHS parents and community stakeholders over the age of 18 may vote for nominees to the ELAC.

The primary function of the ELAC is to make recommendations to the School Site Advisory Council's plan for English Language Learners at Peninsula High School, and to review English Language Learner component of the School Improvement Plan. An election will be held Wednesday, October 17.

Please contact Anne-Marie Voegtlin, (310) 377-4888 ext 705 or Junko Lee, ext 704 with questions, or for additional information.


French 3 and 3 Honors students have been studying French Impressionism and, as a class, have created their own impressionist exhibition to compare and contrast some of the major artists of the movement. To expand their understanding of this very influential artistic movement, the students and their teacher Ms. Sam enjoyed a private tour of the Getty Museum last Monday. During the guided visit, students were able to take a closer look at specific works of art and discuss key elements in the paintings with a Getty docent.

It is always a thrill to walk on campus the Monday morning of Homecoming Week and be transported into another world. The ASB students have been working for weeks in a secure location creating the props, signs, videos, etc. to bring their top-secret theme to life. All will be revealed when the students and staff walk on campus tomorrow morning! 

Each day during lunch this week there will be activities and performances in the amphitheater. Our Panther family will not want to miss these memorable Homecoming activities! 

On Monday, we'll introduce the Homecoming Court. Panthers can vote for their grade level princesses and princes, as well as for Homecoming Queen and King. Here are the links, which will open Monday and stay open until this Thursday, October 18 th at 10pm. Students will need to enter their last name and their student ID number, which can be found on their ID card.
Throughout the week Carnival tickets ($1 each) and Homecoming Dance tickets will be on sale in the Student Store. Dance tickets are $20 with ASB and $25 without ASB. This dance sells out every year, so don't wait to purchase your tickets! 

Here's the schedule for the week: 
Monday, October 15 
In addition to the introduction of our Homecoming Court, Choreo Company and Advanced Choreo will perform 
Tuesday, October 16 
We'll have performances by JV Song, JV Cheer, Pep Flags,  and Varsity Song 
Wednesday, October 17 
Look forward to a homecoming-themed class competition and a performance by Varsity Dance
Thursday, October 18 
We will have performances by Varsity Cheer and Co-ed Choreo 
Friday, October 19 
A jam-packed day! Carnival - Football Game - Dance 

Food and fun spirit items will be available for purchase during the carnival which will be in the amphitheater from 1:07 pm until 2:45 pm. on Friday These items may only be purchased with carnival tickets. Tickets are $1 each and available at the Student Store all week and throughout the carnival. During the Homecoming Carnival, our 9th, 10th, and 11th grade level princesses and princes will be announced. 

Our Homecoming Football Game vs. Redondo HS starts at 3 pm. All PVPUSD Elementary School and Middle School students can get into this game for free! Spread the word! During halftime of the game, we'll honor our senior girls on Homecoming Court and crown our Senior Princess and Homecoming Queen. 

The Homecoming Dance will be from 7pm - 10pm in our gym. During the dance we'll have an exciting performance from Co-ed Choreo and we'll honor our senior boys on Homecoming Court and crown our Senior Prince and Homecoming King. 

Students need to bring their student ID's to the dance! Don't forget them 

The rules for the dance are the following: 
Dress Code: Undergarments must be covered at all times. Tank tops must fit snugly on the sides and top. No "bandeau" tops may be worn. No strapless tops. Midriffs may not show. Skirts/shorts must completely cover the rear end. No swim suits may be worn; outfits that resemble swimsuits may not be worn. Spandex may only be worn underneath other garments. See-through or sheer material may not be worn. Tops may not have holes. Gentlemen must wear shirts at all times and must keep pants and shorts at the waistline. 

Students in violation of the Dress Code will not be allowed to enter the dance and students found to be in violation of the Dress Code FOLLOWING entrance to the dance will be removed from the dance. Students not permitted to enter the dance or who are asked to leave due to inappropriate attire will not be given refunds. Lewd and lascivious dancing will not be tolerated. Students dancing inappropriately will be asked to leave the dance and will not be given refunds. 

Students attending this dance promise not to break the Palos Verdes Peninsula High School Code of Conduct, especially concerning violence and the consumption of alcohol and drugs. Students must have a CURRENT ('18-'19) school ID with them. The doors to the dance will close at 8:00 pm, so students may not enter the dance after that time. Once students leave the dance, they may not return. Students who attend a high school other than Peninsula, Palos Verdes or Rancho Del Mar may only attend the dance if they have turned in a completed and approved Guest Pass to the Student Store PRIOR to the day of the dance. Students who lose their dance tickets will not be issued a replacement. 

A big thanks to our ASB, who has worked for weeks creating the decorations around campus and planning all of these memorable activities!
To those who may be wearing costumes to school on October 31, please be sensitive to the fact that Peninsula High School is a culturally diverse community. Let's have fun, but let's be respectful. 
· No masks may be worn; faces may not be covered. 
· No weapons of any kind, or toys that resemble weapons. 
· No costumes with wheels (skates, skateboards, etc.). 
· No projectiles (silly string, water guns, balloons filled with anything). 
· No drugs or alcohol references or overtones. 
· No costumes that may be offensive to any race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or socio-economic status. 
· Boys must wear shirts. 
· Undergarments may not be visible. 
· Clothes must be of appropriate length. 
· No bathing suits may be worn. 
· Shoes are required. 

Students who do not abide by the Halloween Dress Code will be subject to immediate disciplinary action. The Halloween Contest Costume will take place at lunch, on October 31.
Contact Associate Principal Toombs
PVPHS Freshmen Guidance Lesson Results
On October 10th the PVPHS counseling team conducted a guidance lesson tailored to the specific needs of our freshman students. The lesson emphasized academic success to ensure students make a strong transition into their rigorous high school curriculum. We covered: 
* Learning Styles 
* Academic Strategies 
* Graduation Requirements 
* College Requirements 
* College Myths 
* Campus Resources 
* Tutoring Resources 
* Naviance 
A sample of students were given an anonymous pre/post survey to see what students learned and valued from the lesson. Their responses were quantified into the graphs below:

SoCal Roc (SCROC) is now enrolling for its 9 week courses: Adobe Suite (After Effects, Animate, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), Business Entrepreneur, and ITCC-Welding. Classes begin on November 13th. Come to the Counseling Office to sign up and speak with a SCROC counselor.
Contact Mrs. Arico
Visit the CCC Website
Seniors interested in learning about Community College options should stop by the CCC this Tuesday, October 16 during Panther Time. A Santa Monica College rep will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about Community College. 
On Monday, October 22 from 1:00pm  to 2:45pm the following universities will be in the College Career Center to present to students interested in attending school in Japan: International Christian University, Keio University and Sophia University. Both parents and students are invited to attend this event. Parents must sign-in at the Main Office before coming to the CCC.
Applications for the Hugh O'Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership program are due on October 25th. Former HOBY student leaders will hold an informational meeting this Tuesday, October 16 at lunch in the CCC. Applications will be available at that time. To learn more about HOBY, visit


Are you planning to apply for financial aid at a private college? If so, you need to know what the CSS Profile is, when it is due, and who requires it. For helpful videos explaining the CSS Profile visit: or Khan Academy.
Applications for the 2019 Military Academy Nomination Cycle are currently being accepted by Congressman Ted Lieu's office. All applications must be received by 5:00 pm this Friday, October 19, 2018. All students will be scheduled for an interview on November 3, 2018. To request a Military Academy Nomination from Ted Lieu's office, you must submit a complete application, found online HERE, that includes: 
* 3 letters of recommendation (at least 2 academic) 
* Official high school transcript 
* Official SAT or ACT scores 
* One-page essay explaining why you wish to attend a Service Academy 
* Resume of extracurricular activities 
* Current photo 
* A completed application form 
Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Daisy Paniagua-Uribe at (323) 651-1040 or if you have any questions.
Colleges visit the CCC every day during the fall to share information with students. Check on Naviance for the most up to date list of schools scheduled and to register. Students must have a teacher permission slip to attend. This week visits include: University of California Irvine, Texas Christian University, Rice University, Indiana University Bloomington, Baylor University, Boston University, Embry-Riddle just to name a few. These visits are for students only.
On any given day, while students are driving to and from campus, I see teens driving other teens, using cellphones, and often driving too fast. I do worry about safety, so following is a reminder for teen drivers. Teens with a provisional license are allowed to drive alone, but must follow certain restrictions. For the first 12 months (or until the age of 18), they may not drive between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. (Some exceptions are granted.) They also may not transport passengers under 20 unless accompanied by a licensed driver age 25 or older. Teen drivers and all passengers are required to wear safety belts. Drivers in California may never use a hand-held cell phone or text while driving, and drivers under 18 are prohibited from driving and using a cell phone, even when equipped with a hands-free device. You can get more information about teen driving rules HEREon the DMV website.
The following is another in a series of  weekly columns from guest writer, Dr. Moe Gelbart, Executive Director of the Thelma McMillen Center. 

There is the inevitable, seemingly never ending struggle between children and teens trying to establish their own identity, and live by their own rules, and we parents trying to teach them, guide them, and protect them from dangerous behaviors and actions. Sometimes it feels to both sides like there are rules for everything, nothing is acceptable, and there is a constant tug of war regardingrules and expectations. To cope with this, and ultimately achieve better relationships and results, I advise parents to adopt what I call the "A-B-C" method. The core principle is to understand that all behaviors are not equal, and for parents to be able to distinguish between essential and non-essential issues. I suggest dividing the issues with your teenagers into A, B, and C categories. "A" category issues are essential, and non-negotiable. It is important to note that for each of these categories, there are no hard and fast rules as to what is to be included - each set of parents decide what fits for them. The most important issue is that both parents be on the same page, or the result will be massive splitting. "A" category issues are things like taking drugs or drinking, attending school, not being verbally or physically abusive, and behaviors which are absolutely unacceptable. The child needs to know that these behaviors and rules are non-negotiable, and parents will do whatever it takes to insure compliance. Most parents can identify "A" issues relatively easily. "C" issues are things your child does, that you don't like or agree with, but that you can live with. Again, it is each parent's personal decision as to what constitutes a "C" item, but it is things like the color or length of their hair, how well they clean their room, how they spend some of their time. My recommendations regarding "C" issues are to let your child know how you feel, but let them make their own choices. This is an important step in them developing their self-identity and to independence. Finally, "B" issues are those areas where parents express their desires and expectations, children express their points of view, preferences, and choices, and there is an attempt at negotiation, bargaining, and compromise. "B" issues can be things like curfew times, attending events or parties, screen time on cell phones or devices. The goal on "B" issues is to try and arrive at compromise and understanding, learning to give and take, and both points of view receiving respect and validation. Although not a hard and fast rule, you should try and achieve a balance between A-B-and C behaviors, perhaps close to a third for each. When caught in a battle, you can ask yourself, "is this A, B, or C" and act accordingly. The problem for many parents, and children, is when everything begins to be an "A", ie, how you clean your room becomes as much of a battle as whether you try drugs, and the child then begins to tune everything out, and hears everything as an absolute demand. These children experience and perceive their parents as trying to control all aspects of their life, and a common reaction is to rebel against everything. 

Think about your own situations, and try and place rules/expectations into A-B-C buckets. I think you will find a much more pleasant response from your children. I am impressed that parents with whom I have presented this to have taken it to heart, remembered if for years, and found it works extremely well. 

Remember, if you have issues you would like to see addressed, please email me at . Your inquiries will always remain anonymous. 

Moe Gelbart, PhD
Executive Director, Thelma McMillen Center

Thank you to our current Athletic Booster Club members for your continued support of PVPHS Athletic Programs. Your support does not go unnoticed! IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN THE ABC! ABC Membership online registration is quick and easy. Register today by visiting
Girls' Tennis
Monday @ 2:30pm vs Campbell Hall
Wednesday @ 2:30pm vs Corona Del Mar
Boys' Water Polo
Tuesday @ 4pm vs Montebello
Friday @ 3pm vs Redondo Union
Remember the Titans!
Monday, Tuesday, 
and Thursday
Period 0: 7a-7:55a 
Period 1: 8a-8:53a 
Period 2: 8:59a-9:52a
Panther Time: 9:52a-10:10a 
Period 3: 10:15a-11:14a 
Period 4: 11:20a-12:13p 
Lunch: 12:13p-12:48p 
Period 5: 12:54p-1:47p 
Period 6: 1:52p-2:45p

(Late Start)
Period 0: 9a-9:40a  
Period 1: 9:45a-10:25a  
Period 2: 10:30a-11:10a
Period 3: 11:15a-11:45a
Period 4: noon - 12:40p
Lunch: 12:40p-1:15p  
Period 5: 1:20p-2:00p  
Period 6: 2:05p-2:45p
(Afternoon Assembly) 
Period 0: 7:10a-7:55a  
Period 1: 8a-8:45a  
Period 2: 8:51a-9:42a  
Period 3: 9:48a-10:34a  
Period 4: 10:40a-11:25a  
Period 5: 11:31a-12:16p  
Period 6: 12:22p-1:07p  
Lunch/Carnival: 1:07p-2:45p


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Brent Kuykendall