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PVPHS Choreo, MOMENTUM - April 16, 17, 18 at the Armstrong Theatre
Heathers at PV HIGH
Footloose at Mira Costa
MAMMA MIA at San Pedro High
Class assignments are communicated through Aeries & Microsoft Teams. If you are unsure how to log in to your Teams, VIEW THIS



- DigitalTheatre+ has a great archive of productions to view. You can log in through your school SSO Portal.


The Oregons Shakespeare Festival is launching a new digital platform, check them out to see previously staged productions as well as other digital content. More content will be getting added constantly, (and it's not just Shakespeare).


- Shakespeare's Globe is also rotating selections of some of their greatest productions if you want even more great Shakespeare.

- Starkid Productions - has a handful of their produced shows available online as well. 


- Broadway HD - Broadway HD is offering a free 7-day trial to view their archive of productions, featuring a lot of classic Broadway hits from decades past as well as more recent shows.


- The National Theatre has many talks and webinars streaming online - you view their offerings HERE. (for your critiques, you may only use the full length productions)


- Every Friday, another Andrew Lloyd Weber musical is available through The Show Must Go On


- Straftord (Ontario) Shakespeare Festival has launched, Stratfest@Home and they are releasing one of their filmed Shakespeare productions each week for streaming.


- TheatreAve's TheaterPeople - Interviews with creatives working in all disciplines of the theatre world. 


- The Utah Shakespeare Festival has a series of behind the scenes episodes 
Prop Talks:
Episode 2: Pericles
Episode 3: Comedy of Errors

Episode 4: Ragtime


“What do actors really want? To be great actors? Yes, but you can’t buy talent, so it’s best to leave the word ‘great’ out of it. I think to be believed, onstage or onscreen, is the one hope that all actors share.”
-- Gene Wilder, Kiss Me Like A Stranger: My Search For Love And Art
Mr. Cohen will accept written homework for late credit. The policy for written work (unless noted otherwise on specific assignment sheets) is as follows:
- Work is accepted for -10% for each day late. (Turned in 1 day late, up to 90% full credit. Turned in 4 days late, up to 60% full credit).
- Late penalties bottom at 50%, meaning that an assignment turned in 5 days late can receive up to 50% full credit. Assignments turned in 6 or more days late can receive up to 50% full credit.
- Long term writing assignments (4+ days), such as Play Critiques or Research Assignments, are due on the due date, regardless of illness. Any written assignment can be emailed to [email protected] and are due by the start of your class on their due dates. If timestamped later than the official end of the student school day regardless of illness, assignment is considered late.
- The last day to turn in late assignments for credit is 3pm, the Thursday before Semester Finals. 
Please note: Regarding work due during an absence. Mr. Cohen does follow the school policy regarding accepting work due during an excused absence. Late work due to unexcused absence will be subject to the late work policies.
In addition to any specific criteria set forth for individual performances:
- performance pieces are expected to be memorized
- Actors should be in costume
- Shoes are to be worn at all times
- Props and scenery are encouraged, sometimes required. 
Regarding absences on performance days.
Excused absence due to illness:
If performance assignment is still being completed in class:
- Individual or group will perform within two days during class.
- If we have completed in-class performances, groups will need to signup for the
earliest available makeup performance time, scheduled either during Panther Time or after school
If the the performance cycle has completed:
- Individual or group will perform at the earliest available makeup performance time, scheduled either during Panther Time or after school
Excused absence that is pre-planned:
- If a student has a pre-planned absence and the performance order is scheduled, it is their responsibility to arrange to perform PRIOR to the posted performance date, or the assignment will be considered late. The individual or group may be required to perform at the earliest available makeup performance time, scheduled either during Panther Time, lunch or after school.
Unexcused absence:
Any individual that is unexcused will be given the standard late work penalty of 10%/day. Other group members will not be penalized due to their partner's absence. 
All students are required to write two play critiques each semester; (1) for the Peninsula Drama Fall/Winter play and (1) "Professional" show.
The show must be a theatrical narrative -- meaning it must have a story to follow. It can be an improv show. It can be a dance show. As long as it has a storyline.
Yes: Comedy SportzLA, Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Cirque du Soleil
No: Stand-up comedy, UCLA Dance Major Showcase
Play critiques should be 1-2 pages, with ticket stub attached as proof of attendance, and address the following information:
- Play
- Writer(s)
- Director(s)
- Main characters and the actors who play them
- A brief description of the plot/storyline
- What the theme/message/main idea of the show is.
- Setting (where and when does the show take place)
- General impressions of technical elements - was the design thought out and are those designs well implemented
+ Costume/Scenic/Lighting/Sound
- Your favorite character / actor in the show.
- If you saw a musical, what is your favorite song.
- Your overall impression of the show and if you would recommend it to others.
1st semester Drama 1 and Drama 1 Advanced can fill out the Play Critique Form and answer all questions.
Drama 2, 3 and 4 must type their critiques in paragraph form, but may use the Play Evaluation Form as a guiding document.
Q. What is a "professional show"?
A. For these purposes, a professional show is any show ABOVE high school level. This can include junior college (El Camino or Harbor College), college (CSU Long Beach), adult community theatre (Aerosapce Players, Torrance Theatre Company), small professional/regional (Long Beach Playhouse) or really big (Ahmanson, Pantages, Mark Taper Forum).
Q. My friend is in a play, can I go see his/her show for critique credit?
A. That depends. If the theatre fits the above category, then yes. If your friend is in a show at another high school (e.g. PV High, Chadwick) or a local youth community theatre company (e.g. Encore, Pops, South Bay Conservatory) then you should still see the show and support your friend - but you may not use it for your professional show critique assignment.
Q. What about a filmed version of a play?
A. While theaters were closed this was the only way you will be able to view a show for this assignment. For the 2023-2024 school year, we are resuming the requirement to attend a live theatrical event. This is a much different and more valuable experience than viewing a recording from home. Any students who are concerned about not being able to attend a live performance of a production, there may be an alternate assignment available that could include viewing online productions. 
Q. My critique is due today and I'm absent and/or my printer is out of ink. Can I email my critique? Is it okay to turn in late. 
A. Yes, you should email your critique as an attached .doc or .pdf file. Please don't embed the text into your email message. .odt files or other proprietary softwares are not accepted. If you can't attach a .doc or .pdf an open shared cloud document (Google Drive) is acceptable. However, if there are any issues with my ability to open the file due to sharing settings, the document may be late. Don't forget to scan and send your ticket stub.
Absence does not excuse your critique from being late. This is a long-term assignment, there are not exceptions to the due dates.
Q. What if I am not sure about the show?
A. Email Mr Cohen ([email protected]) production information. Don't just send a show title, but include a link to the particular production you are looking at seeing, and he can respond with an opinion.
Q. I can't find a show to see, can I skip this assignment?
A. NO! This is Los Angeles. Arguably the largest city for theatre in the World. You can find a show. Check out the Helpful Links page for some ideas. 
to laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest critics and to endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one's self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived -- this is to have succeeded
Card Catalog
Upcoming Guest Speakers: 

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Previous Guest Speakers:

April 24 - Katie Northlich from Studio School Los Angeles

Katie Northlich meets with current students about Studio School Los Angeles

May 15 - Maureen Lee Lenker (PVPHS, 2007) from Entertainment Weekly

Maureen Lee Lenker meets with students about careers in entertainment journalism.


THURSDAY, MAY 21, 230pm - Q&A panel with alumni discussing majoring in Musical Theatre in college and starting your career after college. Featuring Nina Donville (2016), Shannon Duke (2013), Makenzie Gomez (2011), Isabella Navarro (2018)  and Nicole Powell (2012)

Alumni MT Panel Guests



FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2pm - Q&A panel with alumni currently studying and/or pursuing careers in Technical Theatre & Design - Featuring Nita Beyla (2012, AA Stage Management, El Camino; Theatre Technology - Drafting/Design, Chapman University; MA Teaching - USC) Alexa Jones (2018, Currently studying Radio/TV/Film at UT-Austin), & Ashley Trutanich (2014, BA Costume Design -2018, MFA Costume Design - in progress - CSULB)

Tech Theatre Q&A


This American Life, ep735: Bloody Feelings (April 11, 2021)
Discussion of the use of blood in stage productions, focusing on Titus Andronicus at Shakespeare's Globe in 2006 - and its effective use of blood. (33:10)