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Drama 3 & 4

Current Unit
Shakespeare DTASC, April 25 @ PVPHS



Gigi Moreno and Brandon Weiner


Cassie Bautista and Michael Porter

III. Audition Monologue

Anna Alaga

Sarah Snow

IV. Final Act

Sarah Kay Adams (Director)
Chesca Genato, Quinn Sullivan, Alex Yu

V. Characters In Disguise

Gigi Moreno (Director)

Lucas Arico, Bree Bennett, Arista Mozena Hasti Zahedian

VI. Characters Who Go Mad

Cassie Bautista (Director)

Emma Cool, Michelle Lin, Ley’ah McClain, Brandon Weiner, 

VII. Large Drama

Kylie Young (Director)

Anjali Gupta, Sharon Iporac, Michael Porter, Brianna Yi

VIII. Large Comedy

Annelise Espinoza, Tom Evans, Tali Fortis, Katie Lewis, Shumayl Shahzad



Final Act

Sarah Kay Adams & Arista Mozena

Juliette Belke, Taylor Cowling, Nani Vierra-Lambert


Gigi Moreno & Katie Lewis

Dominic Ebilane, Irene Oh, Erica Tsuei, Eden Webster

Go Mad

Emma Cool & Ley’ah McClain

Isabella Colton, Alison King, Jessica Wiemels

Much Ado

Annelise Espinoza, Tom Evans & Kylie Young

 Heidi Brust, Bridget Callaghan,Michelle Dardon, Jessica Doty, Rikki Walker




Junior Varsity & Varsity

Rough Calendar                                   Wednesday, February 12

Auditions                                    Wednesday, February 12 (3pm)

Meet with Actors                               Thursday or Friday, February 13 or 14

3 play ideas (or 6 monologues)               Tuesday, February 18

       (Meet and discuss w Cohen)

Rough Script / Final Monologues           Monday, February 24

Semi-Final script                                Friday,March 6

(This is the cut down script that may still need to be cut down for time, but it is what you will be rehearsing from.)

Perform in class for Mr Cohen                     Wednesday/Thursday, April 8 & 9

       (Must be fully blocked and off-book)

In-Class Performances                        Monday/Tuesday, April 13 & 14

Parent Showcase                                Thursday, April 16

Festival                                      Saturday, April 25




DTASC Tech Checklists


Play Choice                                  Thursday, February 13

Concept Paper, Draft 1                 Friday, February 21
Concept Paper, Draft 2                 Wednesday, February 26

First Construction Check              Wednesday, February 26

       Rough sketch of 2 sets / 2 costumes. Research should be included.

Second Construction Check                  Tuesday, March 17

       All rough sketches need to be complete.Rendering of built costumes / 1 set

Third Construction Check                    Wednesday, April 8

       Renderings complete, makeup complete; Costume 50% / Groundplans complete, 1 light

plot, stage box done.

Class Presentation                       Tuesday, April 14

Final Construction Check               Tuesday, April 14   

       All festival requirements, complete.       

Audition Monologues
Monologue Day #1: DTASC Auditions
Monologue Day #2: Tuesday, October 29
Monologue Day #3: Monday, November 4
Monologue Day #4: Wednesday, November 13
Monologue Day #5: Thursday, December 5
Monologue Day #6: Wednesday, December 18
Monologue Day #7: Wednesday, January 8
Monologue Day #8: Thursday, January 9
Monologue Day #9: Friday, January 10
Monologue Day #10: Monday, January 13
Monologue Day #11: Tuesday, January 14
Monologue Day #12: Wednesday, January 15
Monologue Day #13: Wednesday, February 5
Monologue Day #14: Wednesday, February 12
Monologue Day #15: Wednesday, February 19
Monologue Day #16: Wednesday, February 26
Monologue Day #17:Wednesday, March 11
Monologue Day #18: Wednesday, March 25
Monologue Day #19: Wednesday, April 8
Monologue Day #20: Wednesday, April 29
Monologue Day #21: Wednesday, May 13
Monologue Day #22:Wednesday, May 20
Monologue Day #23: Wednesday, June 3
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